Thursday, December 25, 2008

Personalised Celebration Cakes

Chocolate Mudcake with Mixed Fruits
Strawberry Shortcake Garden

Orange Chiffon with Sweet Cream & Berries

Fruit Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting & Walnuts

Raspberry Mousse Cake with Lychee

Chocolate Guinness Cake with Ferraro Rocher

Flowers Basket

Roses Garden

Rainbow Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

Isaac's Chocolate Mud Cake

Hen's Nite Cake

Sister's Guo Da Li Cakes

Wailing's Anniversary

William's One Year Old

Nutella's Forest
A light nutella cream cheese cake topped with chocolate flakes. A lovely alternative to chocolate cheesecake.
Nini's Chocolate
Moist dark chocolate mud cake topped with chocolate ganache. Simple and classic.
Mother's Strawberry Garden
Chocolate sponge layered with strawberry yoghurt cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries and candy flowers.
Tia's Little Fairies
A combination of pretty and colourful cupcakes and a chocolate vanilla cake. Great for children's party.
Aunty Janet's Tiramisu
A non-alcohol and coffee cake filled with chocolate sponge and vanilla cream cheese cake topped with dark chocolate cream designed to resemble a "tiramisu".

All cakes can be customised and price varies according to flavour, size and decorations used. Kindly contact for details.

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